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In "To New Beginnings", the first episode of Season 2, Ethan texts Silver from Montana to tell her he didn't regret their kiss and is staying in Montana with his dad but the hardest part was leaving her.Dixon finds out about the text from new classmate Teddy Montgomery since Teddy accidentally found Silver's phone on the beach where she dropped it.But, he doesn't become Annie boyfriend until later on.Ethan seems to carry traits of Dylan Mc Kay from the original series since he dated both Annie and Naomi, just like Dylan dated both Kelly and Brenda. Ethan's self-absorption is revealed when he does not recognise Rhonda, the girl in other car, even though they are in the same French class. When he overhears Annie presenting Rhonda's painful story as her own, he becomes angry and spends the Valentine's dance with Rhonda.

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Ethan and Annie finally break up after agreeing that all their relationship has become is a constant fight.

The men had reported for work at a car workshop within Ploetzensee prison before escaping.

The men had convictions for theft, burglary and bodily harm, among other things.

A dopey teenage delinquent forms an unlikely bond with a curmudgeonly recluse in Jules Bishop's #Microwave Films feature debut Borrowed Time.

Ethan is a lacrosse star and top athlete of West Beverly Hills High. He dates Naomi Clark although the pair break up several times before ending their relationship permanently.

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